For thousands of years silver has been known for its anti bacterial effect and as a way of preserving water and milk. Today silver is recognized by NASA, and in medicine, for ability to prevent infection and for its healing effects.

Unfortunately its use has until now been difficult and costly. With the development of nano technology it is now possible to use the finishing process in the dye house, to add silver ions which due to the nano size will blend with the fiber. This makes the 47th Element Silver permanent even after more than 50 washes.

Who is not familiar with the feeling after sports, or late in the afternoon, that the odour in the garment is not all perfume?

Bacteria and micro-organisms have perfect living conditions in textiles: They have access to proteins, the right temperature, moisture and a large surface –so bacteria will develop very quickly leading to

Body odour
Allergic reactions - Infections

So what does Silver do? Through the pure presence of silver ions, the bacteria will be terminated in a process which is unique, and opposite already known anti bacterial techniques, silver also prevents the spreading of the organisms.

It is important to stress that the silver ions do not migrate from the textile. Silver does not harm the skin and it is not the goal to influence the natural bacteria fauna on the human body. The goal is to prevent the harmfull and unpleasant bacteria in textiles leading to odour - and for some people even to infections and allergic reactions.

We have tested several different qualities after ASTM E 2149-01 method. Very simply put, this test is made by adding the bacteria Staphyloccus Aureus (DSM 1104) in a bottle together with the fabric. The incubation time is always 24 hours and after this period, the amount of bacteria left in the bottle is measured against the amount present at the start of the test.

The results are remarkable which the following examples will show:

Cotton/Lycra single jersey 99,9% of the bacteria were terminated

The same fabric as A. after 15 times washing and tumbler drying 96,2% of the bacteria were terminated

100% polyester double jersey 99,9% of the bacteria were terminated

56% polyester/44% cotton double jersey 97,1% of the bacteria were terminated

In the above tests untreated reference fabrics are always tested and the growth of bacteria was between 344% and 479%! So in fact the 47th Element fabrics killed the bacteria where as the untreated fabrics were infected by up to 5 times as many bacteria at the end of the 24 hours.

Also it is important to state that 95% of the anti bacterial effect takes place within the two first hours of wear. The immediate effect is important, especially for the ability to prevent allergic reactions. Though, for most people the always fresh feeling of the fabric will be the most positive advantage.

The washing is done at the normal 40 or 60 degrees depending on the type of fabric. The anti bacterial effect is permanent for at least 50 washes but most likely the effect will be unchanged even after 100 washes.

The testing is made by Porst and Partner GmbH, Germany. We have the goal of testing every 3rd production dye lot to ensure that the effect is present but the main issue is that the customer can feel the effect.